Heart shaped tarts

    Silent and deep, profound thoughtsBeholds the vision of elusive sorts Legends of slayers and knights in armorFairy tales depicting unparalleled glamour Separate chambers, sacred domainsThreads of the past somehow remains Flashes of darkness amidst the lightSpheres of interest within sight Worshipers prostrate in profession of their loveTo the divine being, up above Beyond the earth […]

We forget, it seems

.   We forget, it seemsThat all does not last.The unforgiving memoriesOf a tarnished past Dwell within us,Holding us back.Enthusiasm and commitment we somehow lack We forget, it seemsThat God is greatAnd that without a purposeHe does not create For when we look aheadWe expect a thorn-less pathOne without obstaclesOr the ache that comes with […]