Heart shaped tarts




Silent and deep, profound thoughts
Beholds the vision of elusive sorts

Legends of slayers and knights in armor
Fairy tales depicting unparalleled glamour

Separate chambers, sacred domains
Threads of the past somehow remains

Flashes of darkness amidst the light
Spheres of interest within sight

Worshipers prostrate in profession of their love
To the divine being, up above

Beyond the earth and the skies between
Lies a world unlike any that has ever been seen

A city of dreams, where aspirations take flight
One of harmony, splendor and delight

Deep within, my inner core
Lies a world of which, I most simply adore

Fire breathing dragons – come what may,
I’d soothe them down and request their stay

For they too, beneath their  cover
Possess a heart which yearns a lover

Amidst the darkness, enshrouded by night
Lies an optimistic flaming light

Torches left to guide the way
As passerby’s, in dismay
Watch the seeds scattered by wind
Glorify love for all that he brings

The knave of hearts gazed in awe
As the lady from whom, he had once before

Sneakily snatched a tray of tarts
Freshly baked with jam filled hearts

Ran across the golden meadows
Hand in hand with darting shadows

Hearts of will, smiles endowed
Eyes that spoke, through the crowd
And there and then he saw it all
The joy of those, that dared to fall.

                                                                        (Compiled 2010)


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